The launch halls where you can promote your products and services are offered by Grammophon Events with special advantages. You can also choose Grammophon Events if you want to have the most enjoyable, entertaining and complete release of your launch parties which you can organize individually in different areas.

Thanks to Grammophon Events, which offers you all the opportunities to make your launch parties come true, you can organize your launch by feeling yourself in the peaceful environment of your home.

With Grammophon Events, you can act together at any moment of the process if you have any products or services you wish to launch and present. Thanks to the Grammophon Events, which you can take advantage of when you appeal to a wide audience, you can host your guest guests in the most comfortable and luxurious way.

Every detail is specially developed for you in Grammophon Events halls where you can bring your brand prestige and identity to the forefront. In Grammophon Events Dortmund which draws attention with its aesthetic architecture and technological infrastructure, all you need to do is to enjoy your launch in the most joyful and efficient way.

Close to Dortmund City Center

The Grammophon Events launch hall, where you can also benefit from special services, is located close to the city center, so guests can reach your launch in the easiest way. In this way, you can solve the problems that may arise due to the transportation.

For your special launch days, all details are considered in the most detailed manner by the professional and experienced Grammophon Events team. After meeting with the exclusive world of Grammophon Events, you can experience the efficiency of introducing your products and services in a better way by having a perfect and comprehensive launch.

For information on the launch room services offered by Grammophon Events, please contact us and make your appointment early and make your venue ready for you before your launch.

Capacity With Meal: 600 People
Capacity Without Meal: 800 People
Indoor Invitation Area
Middle Height Ceiling With Columns
Close to City Center, Forest View
Spacious Car Parking Area
Entrance For Disabled
Photo and Video Shooting
Menu Tasting
Light, Sound and Scene Service
Changeable Menu
Organization Contact
Kids’ Playground
Organization and Catering Company At Your Service
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